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Equal Distribution Of Health Resources Will Enable Reduction Of Noncommunicable Diseases Within Counties

Equal Distribution Of Health Resources Will Enable Reduction Of Noncommunicable Diseases Within Counties

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By Daniel Otieno.

Network For Adolescents And Youth Of Africa, Naya Kenya

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The promulgation of Kenya constitution in 2010 made health a devolved function. Through this devolution, each county was to manage its own health system with resources from the national government. However, Kenya counties still lack adequately trained health workers and drug supplies needed to manage the provision of health services including prevention of non-communicable diseases. The Abuja declaration requires each country to allocate 15% of its national budget to the health sector.


However, Kenya’s allocation to health is still below the target. A limited number of health workers, a few screening equipment, cost of treatment, unequal distribution of resources among counties and limited drug supply are responsible for increased cases of non-communicable diseases. Marginalized areas bear the greatest burden of non-communicable diseases due to poverty, distance to health facility, adherence to drugs and lack of efficient health services. In addition, there has also been limited implementation of national school health policy that is to address noncommunicable diseases among learners.


According to world health organization, cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes and respiratory diseases are the major non-communicable diseases that negatively impact on individual health. Poverty at county level not only increases the prevalence of non-communicable diseases due to poor nutrition or unhealthy eating habits but also poor health seeking behavior’s that are characterized by a delay in screening. Reducing the prevalence of non-communicable diseases at the county level will contribute to reduction at the national level. In order to achieve this, we must first identify needs of the counties in relation to prevention of non-communicable diseases, for instance, the capacity of medical personnel, availability of drugs and screening equipment. Secondly, we must ensure the limited resources are prioritized to provide the minimal standard of services required.

Immediate allocation of 15% of national budget to health may not possible but we can have a starting point and make it progressive. Progressive reduction of noncommunicable diseases at the county level will then lead to a reduction in the national prevalence of non-communicable diseases.


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