Anne: I had my abortion 16 years ago

Anne: I had my abortion 16 years ago

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Story told by Anne

Edited by Michael Okun Oliech

It was in 2002. I was 19 years and was in a relationship but since contraceptives were hard to find those days in our rural home, I got pregnant. We relied so much on the withdrawal and safe day’s methods but it failed us.

My boyfriend didn’t want anything to do with the pregnancy despite being responsible for the pregnancy. He decided to break up with me. I was left helpless and hopeless.

I had no source of income. I had no family to turn to since they were all dead. I could barely take care of myself.  I relied heavily on my boyfriend who was a teacher in a local primary school but since he was gone, I felt as if my world ended.

I was not ready to have a child under the harsh conditions I was in. It would be cruel to bring a child into this world just to let her or him suffer. I decided to have an abortion but it was expensive for me to have one since I had no source of income.  I had to find ways to raise the money.

With no one to turn to or talk to, I ended up in the street of Kondele in Kisumu County where I became a sex worker. I did the job for one month and I was able to raise some money.

I went to a backstreet doctor who was charging half less of what other private hospitals were charging to have my abortion.

I almost lost my life in the process due to excessive bleeding. I was rushed to a public hospital by a Good Samaritan where I got post abortion care but my womb had to go. Even though I was lucky to have survived, I lost my womb. Had there been access to safe and legal abortion services I would still be able to get pregnant now.

No girl or woman should have to go through what I had to go through.  There is need to provide women and girls with safe abortion services when they need it so that they don’t go to drastic lengths like I did.

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