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Child Marriage is a Killer of Dreams

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Child Marriage is a Killer of Dreams

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By Michael Oliech Okunson (@MikeOkunson)

Adhiambo Monica’s marriage at age 15 in East seme ward Kisumu County destroyed her hopes of becoming a lawyer. “I wanted to work hard and become a lawyer but now I have no more hopes.” All is lost. It hurts when I see lawyers on TV. I wish it was me acting as the defense council of the accused in the court of law.”

“I faced a lot of problems in my marriage. I was young and didn’t know what being a good wife entailed. Life became more difficult especially when I was pregnant as I had to care for my husband, do the house chores, work in the farm, and walk to the clinic under the scorching sun”

Globally, marriage is often idealized as ushering in love, happiness and joy. However it’s not the same case for Adhiambo Monica and many other girls in rural Kenya who are often married off at a very young age. According to them marriage is among the worst things that could ever happen to them. It is estimated that one in three girls in developing countries Kenya included is married before age 18 and one in nine before turning age 15.

Early marriage/child marriage has dire lifelong consequences. It leads to school dropout, marital rape, risk of experiencing domestic violence, risk of HIV transmission, and a range of health problems due to early childbearing

For Kenya to achieve the UN sustainable Development Goals adopted in September 2015 which includes eliminating child marriage as the key target by 2030 for advancing gender equality, the government should; Empower young girls with information and choices; Ensure girls access quality education; Engage and educate parents and community members about child marriage; Establish and implement stronger legal framework against child marriage and lastly Ensure true coordination across various sectors including education, health, justice and economic development to fight child marriage.


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