Community Education

NAYA Kenya uses Participatory Education Theatre (PET) as an education-entertainment (E-E) model for community education and conscientisation. PET draws from the basic principles of theatre and drama but proceeds to deconstruct them through folk media, in order to make a socially relevant theatre that is accessible to people and communities.


PET as a theatre model, draws on the community’s pool of knowledge, is issue based as well as a lobbying and mobilization tool. In transforming the audience (spectators) from passive observers to active actors or players (spect-actors) through the dramatic action, the target community is enabled to develop a critical awareness and analysis of its problems for a collective community action.

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October 12, 2018 at 8:55 am

we are a community health volunteers in kayole,Nairobi and are interested working with your organization in community education.
Please consider this our intention

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