Evans: Now is the time to embrace sexual diversity in our country

Evans: Now is the time to embrace sexual diversity in our country

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Story by Evans

Edited by Michael Okun Oliech

Coming out of the closet is not easy and it takes a lot of courage to do so. When I came out of the closet, I lost a lot of friends, friends who I grew up with, and went to school with. They stopped talking to me and avoided me completely. The main reason for their actions was that I was not normal in their eyes.

Looking back at the decision I made in past to come out of the closet, I feel I owe no one an apology for doing so and I don’t regret coming out as a bisexual. I feel I did the right thing. I am at peace with myself and I am free now. I no longer need to hide my sexual orientation or care about what people will say.  I am happy that I am living a life of truth despite the so much hate that people have towards bisexuals.

In my community, people are usually so negative about someone who identifies as a bisexual. We are often told to choose to be straight or risk being treated as outcast in the society.

Most people usually think that we bisexuals are never faithful. They believe that when a bisexual is in a relationship with a man or woman, they are probably cheating because they are attracted to both genders and would always want to experience the best of both worlds. However this is not true. As a bisexual I can and do remain faithful to one person when I am in a relationship. When I come out of one relationship, I cannot tell whether my next partner will be a woman or man because I am attracted to both genders. I cannot cheat on one gender with the other just because I want to experience the best of both worlds as people think.

As a nation we need to embrace sexuality and gender diversity if we believe in valuing people for who they are. Now is the time to spread love and understanding to everyone. We can never be the exact carbon copy of one another. Instead of hating people just because they different from us, we should instead embrace and celebrate how special and different we already are.  Now is the time to embrace sexual diversity in our country because it is a beautiful thing and it makes us stronger and more united as a nation.

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