Non-Communicable Diseases Impoverishing Families

Non-Communicable Diseases Impoverishing Families

Non-Communicable Diseases Impoverishing Families

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Daniel Otieno

Youth Advocate, Network for Adolescents and Youth of Africa, Naya Kenya.

Much is spent on treating non-communicable diseases and more disturbing is that the spending may be in a life time as some non-communicable illnesses are not curable. There are fears that by 2020 non-communicable diseases may double communicable diseases in developing countries. Kenya is recording progress by availing drugs for the treatment of breast cancer in Kenyatta National Hospital and also setting referral hospitals as well as equipping them with treating equipment.


A major challenge, however, is the limited financial allocations to the health sector, Limited prioritization of prevention of non-communicable diseases and inadequate implementation of policies relating to elimination of non-communicable diseases. A good example is the national school health policy that targets the elimination of non-communicable diseases among school going children. Non-communicable diseases impact negatively on the economy of households. Eliminating non-communicable diseases begins with setting a health financial strategy. This will ensure adequate money is allocated for treatment and setting screening equipment in public health facilities.


This will make treatment affordable. Prioritization of non-communicable diseases should also take equity in resource allocation. Persons in marginalized areas should be able to access affordable treatment, services, and information on non-communicable diseases.  Policies that will promote screening on NCDs at the community level will also increase the number of people seeking treatment. This will promote the preventive aspect of non-communicable diseases. Policies implementation also includes making effective the national school health policy which will enable reduction of non-communicable diseases among children. Finally public and private partnership will subsidize the cost of treating non-communicable diseases. In allocating resources for treating non-communicable diseases, let us strike a balance in prevention and curative aspects of non-communicable diseases.


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David Mbuvi

June 15, 2017 at 9:14 am

As a result, we have displaced priorities at the household level

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