Policy Advocacy

 NAYA implements advocacy, sensitisation, mobilization and public enlightenment at both national and community level with the aim of creating an enabling environment for youth programming.


Working in partnership with networks and coalitions within and outside government, such sustained advocacy target policy makers, community leaders, media practitioners, parents and youths, and facilitate action on young people’s sexual and reproductive health and information needs.
Councillor signing a petition

Some of our advocacy and community mobilization achievements include:

  1.  Participating in the drafting of Adolescent reproductive Health and Development (ARH&D) Policy.
  2.  Facilitating and serving as a resource network for Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health.
  3.  Community involvement in health financing and management.

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Joseph Atinda Masita.

June 24, 2015 at 10:06 am

Good work NAYA for taking into your hands the responsibility of tackling the adolescent and youth question through policy formulation. Truth is; there are infinite possibilities if adolescent and youth challenges are addressed or definite disaster if not. NAYA’s work is the step into the right direction.

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