Tom: My pharmacy might be small but it keeps women healthy and safe

Tom: My pharmacy might be small but it keeps women healthy and safe

Category : My Abortion Story

Story narrated by Tom

Edited by Michael Okun Oliech

As a pharmacist, I usually get a lot of clients more so young women who come to me with a lot of questions about abortion and how to use the abortion pill.

Every day I get up to 5 women who come to buy the abortion pill and get more information on how it works. I offer my services secretly for fear of being arrested and charged in a court of law for helping women get abortion and risk a jail term of up to 14 years.

Despite the risk, I still do it because I want to save lives and I believe abortion is part of health care and health care is a human right. Denying safe abortion services and information to women and girls would be a violation of their rights.

Abortion is part of women’s lives. You might think abortion is not normal or common but the truth of the matter is that, abortion is very normal and common than you think.

Abortion occurs everywhere regardless of what the laws are. Restricting abortion doesn’t make it go away but instead it makes abortion be done secretly and unsafe putting the lives of women in danger. Unsafe abortion causes permanent injuries and even death.  No woman should have to risk her life or health because she lacks safe reproductive health choices.

I believe that decisions affecting a woman’s body should be left to women to decide and once they make their choice or decision known it should be respected and our role is to only make sure we provide safe and necessary resources she needs to make that choice a reality. Every person has the right to choose whether or not to move through a full pregnancy. No person should be forced through a full pregnancy.

I am a pharmacist and not a politician or a religious leader. I believe in choices. I believe that women have a right to access safe abortion information and services when they need it.  My pharmacy might be small but I am glad it keeps women healthy and safe in my community.

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