Parents Role in Ending Teen Pregnancies During Pandemic

Parents Role in Ending Teen Pregnancies During Pandemic


COVID-19 will definitely complicate the efforts of reducing teen pregnancies in the country.

With school suspended, religious meetings cancelled — youth programs have also been suspended in churches and other religious institutions — adolescents now have a lot of time at their disposal and could engage in irresponsible behaviors leading to an increase in unprotected sex.

We tend to see that many young people get information from churches as well as schools, this is because in some societies its a taboo to talk about sex. 

Despite the government pushing measures on the curfew, young people will still engage in sexual activity because of idleness and easy access to mobile phones. The pandemic could negatively impact the production and access to of contraceptives including condoms.

Inadequate access to youth friendly reproductive health services will greatly contribute to unintended pregnancy especially due to strained health system at this time.

Yet during this period of quarantine and containment, parents have enough time to talk to their teenagers about sex. This will encourage youths to take responsibility of their sexuality and make the right decisions.

Nthiana is a youth advocate, NAYA Kenya