Mental Preparedness Needed to Address Return to Work

Mental Preparedness Needed to Address Return to Work

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Our past way of life where you would spend eight hours with colleagues at the office is no more. Today it may take you even a month before having a physical meeting.

When the COVID19 regulations came into place in March 2020, people were advised to work from home and this became a new way of life. The early birds are no longer early birds. People are no longer in the habit of waking up early. 

The reality is that this will have implication on mental health. Research indicates that for every dollar used in treating mental disorders, there is a return of  four dollars that comes as a result of this investment in health.

While observing the COVID19 regulations, we must also educate people on the need for safe mental health. The workplace programs must prioritize this bracket of health. The norm of seeking treatment only when you are in severe depression must be curtailed by routinely reaching out to workers even if they seem to be in good physical health.

After all, doesn’t the constitution and the World Health Organization define health as a state of physical, emotional and social wellbeing and not the absence of disease or infirmity?

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