When Women Don’t Live to Tell Their Stories

BY NGARE KARIUKI In 2019 a man hacked a woman to death with an axe. He literally snuck up behind the unsuspecting woman and swung the axe with the ease of someone chopping down firewood. Before the blood had even cooled or clotted around the lifeless body of 25-year-old Ivy

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STORY ZETU: The Lived Reality of Girls in the Maasai Community

For many children in Kenya, the March 2020 announcement that school was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic led to much celebration. They would not miss the early mornings, boring lessons and endless homework, especially the younger students. But thousands of girls in Kajiado County do not share in the

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Menstrual hygiene is an essential service during COVID-19

BY PURITY NTHIANA The ability of women and girls to access and manage their menstrual hygiene is already being hampered by the COVID-19 pandemic. Many women and girls in rural and low-income communities already find it hard to access commodities such as menstrual hygiene products. However, this has now been

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