State Impunity a Danger to Mental Health of Kenyans

As the Mental Health Task Force makes its way across the country, collecting the views of Kenyans, we must also look at how the toxic state of Kenyan politics and government corruption is affecting our mental health. Depression is the most common mental illness in the world. In 2014, the

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ICPD Should Listen to the Voices of Low Income Women and Girls

Nairobi, 13 November 2019: A group of women under the Civil Society Grassroots Women Parliament have called on the conveners of the ongoing ICPD conference to give attention to the needs of women and girls from low income communities in Kenya. The group of about 200 women drawn from Mathare

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Why Kenya Needs Clarity on Safe Abortion Guidelines

This weekend, the world will be marking the International Safe Abortion Day, on 28th September. This comes in the wake of the recent High Court ruling to reinstate the 2012 Standards and Guidelines for Reducing Morbidity and Mortality from Unsafe Abortion in Kenya.  While many reproductive health advocates have lauded the court’s decision

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